AV Self- sex … she simply flowed out to sea when the AV Actress !


Despite the often dry Qiao hype and cover great repair, but I frankly say, Maxing this is still very strong film companies:


Yoshizawa Ming ho (Akiho), Kana Yume performance has been very stable, remaining Actress in this piece’s propaganda offensive is almost always a good start, more abundant than any other resource, more propaganda film companies I Maxing think performance is favorably. Gamblers have just Taishishuizhun tonight when they launched the new “Sano thou お い (Zuo Yekui)" The propaganda does not seem to show this film-makers, “creative" characteristics …


Why? In fact, the couple’s propaganda or written quite tempting: It is said that she is branched sex before a certain piece of the self-heroine, a high school student at the time of her hot body shaking right, after the outflow of a film fame:


Think of a few years later she simply shoot AV the sea. Although once in the effluent of sexual self-timer sheet when the actress but after all, and beat AV is not the same, in the studio was caressing her male superior sent mixed with anxiety and joy of breathing, being male superior thrusting nine hundred ninety-eight eleven is finished afterwards Sano thou お い (Zuo Yekui) do not know or can not stand the pressure of the pressure relief eyed people actually cried, long time can not own …













It looks really nice, right? And from the point of view covers and stills Sano thou お い (Zuo Yekui) looks good, large E cup milk also makes people want to try holding in the palm of the hand, how to look is a big selling fresh capital goods, right?

However, this propaganda did not let you getting more and more familiar with? Actress This film companies because before “Kinoshita Yuzuhana" is exactly the same story!

Is Japan really have so much self-timer sex video outflow? Is there really the same two experienced actress broke the news to self shoot AV sedan chair? If that is such a coincidence that they have chosen Maxing this debut film companies that I really want to sing: “with the same career people meet, why have known …"

Among other things, at least in the brokerage firm Actress “L Promotion" propaganda, I did not see anything, “Sex Self-flowing" is described; however, it does not matter, Maxing exaggerated copy Actress rally for a day or two is not a matter of I personally though copy and paste this publicity was the face of the three lines but do not test whether this is a very curious will let you copy, plus the Sano thou お い (Zuo Yekui) look at the cover look really stills it is a first-class appearance, so I believe she will be selling this very debut sold!

作品名:新人 佐野あおい ~素人カップルハメ撮り動画流出の過去を持つあのコが数年の沈黙を破り衝撃のAVデビュー!!~

品 番:MXGS-883



事務所:L Promotion




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